The Lighthouse Centre was founded in 1984 as a Spiritualist church in North Randwick, Sydney Australia by Joy
Atkinson and Cliff Dorian.
It was there for two years before moving to Woollarah , Sydney Australia.  Where it was developed further into a
complete Spiritual , Psychic and Healing Centre.
Facilities included Float Tanks, Vibrosauns, Massage room, Service room, Full Library, Workshop rooms,
Counselling rooms.
The Lighthouse then moved after another two year period to Randwick, Sydney Australia and continued to offer a
variety of teaching, healing and counselling services to the public for the next nine years.
Finally moving to its permanent site in "Windsor Castle" in Baulkham Hills, Sydney Australia in May 1995.
Joy Atkinson is a Survival Medium and was born in Oxfordshire England and was brought up in the Spiritualist
movement by her father. She Immigrated to Australia in 1981.
Joy met Cliff Dorian and together they opened up the Lighthouse Spiritual Centre.
Cliff Dorian who was born in Sydney Australia has a wide variety of experience in many different fields of the
Psychic and Spiritual Sciences as well as in Psychology, Human Potential and Mental Health . A Teacher,
Rosicrucian, Spiritualist. Justice of the Peace, Commercial Agent, Private Inquiry Agent and TAFE teacher ,
Movie Stunt man, Navy Diver, Photographer .
He has been a member of the Australian Society of Psychic Research, the Australian Psychical Association,
Australian Pagans Association, Australian Spiritualists Association, United Spiritualist of Australia , Australian
Skeptics Association, the Humanist Society and the Rosocrusian Order.
Both Joy and Cliff have featured on most of the Australian Current affair and variety TV shows in Australia,
Several Radio shows and most of the major papers and Magazines through out Australia. Cliff was also featured
in the book
" The Unexplained 2"
by Keith Smith  TV Celebrity and is himself the author of the best seller
"The Ghostlovers Guide to Love, Life and Death"
They have both worked with local and overseas police and were involved in research at the Prince of
Wales Hospital into Altered States.
Many of the students from the Center have gone on to become some of Australia's top Mediums, Healers and
Clairvoyants. As well as being successful in their own personal lives.
In 2002 the Lighthouse Centre expanded and  started to provide a Justice of the Peace Service  free to the public
along with both   Private Enquiry Agency and Commercial Agent  Professional Services.
In 2003 the Lighthouse expanded its services into providing Pulsed Ionised Magnetic Induction therapy by
donation only. Specialising in soft tissue cancers, Disorders of the Lymphatic system, Migraines,  Disorders of the
Nervous system, Sports and accident injures. The PAPIMI machine  used in this form of healing cost the centre
over $80,000 and is the only machine of its kind in Sydney at this time.
In 2006 the Lighthouse  staff  through Mission Australia  volunteered to tutor newly arrived immigrants in
operational English.
In 2007 the Lighthouse became involved in the organisation and education of Japanese Language students
currently coming to Australia on  short term cultural programs through the NSW Education Department program.
2009 the Lighthouse started to produce a series of DVD's on Aboriginal Bush Tucker and Aboriginal Culture for
the NSW Education Department and the public in conjuction with Bundeluk ( Ian Watson ) a well known
Aboriginal Artist in the Blue Mountians.
Cliff and Joy also provide their serves to other Spiritualist groups in Sydney free of charge running workshops
and  demonstrating mediumship at the other centre's public meetings.
In 2010 the Lighthouse opened a Photographic service with  an up to date  Photgraphic and video studio, 
equipment and editing facilities in the centre.
Specialising in reasonably priced Portraits - Model portfolios and training  -
Wedding Video and Photography Services.
and Educational Training Video production
Cliff Dorian
The Lighthouse Centre
494 Windsor rd Baulkham Hills 2153