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This is a book a
out the game of life.
The rules and how to play by the rules.
If you learn how to play by the rules,
then life is easy.
If you break the rules or try to cheat
then you will lose the game.
The book  is a joyful way of understanding
and transforming the way you play your life
with others.
Its about looking at your life and the kinds of
experiences that you create at certian times in your life.
Peoples reactions to you and why they react
the way they do to you and how to use these
insights in your personal growth.
Through this book and the information contained in it.
You will become more aware of your personal strengths
and learn important lessons that can deepen your understanding of
how others operate around you on a physical,
emotional and mental level.
The knowledge  you will gain from this book can
also be used as a powerful interactive tool,
by both individuals and groups,
for solving problems and achieving desired goals
and imporving relationships.
It can help clarify old beliefs and attitudes and
transform reaction patterns.
In this book numbers are only used as symbols
to represent different "Vibrations" or "Qualities"
making it easier for you to understand the game of life.
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                   by Cliff Dorian
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