Portrait photography and wedding photography in Sydney, NSW
Contemporary family portrait photography and wedding photography
across Eastern NSW, capturing the love and beauty of your precious
moments forever...
I'm  ready to create a little magic with you so now is the time to contact us to
book your session.
Because photography by the Lighthouse Photographic Institute and
photographer and photo manipulator Cliff Dorian is many things.
It's spontaneous, informal portrait and family photography that allows
your individuality to shine through as you spend time with your loved
It's stunning wedding photography that captures the essence of your
celebration and shows the world just how much in love you are. It's an
ability to capture the tiny details, knowing glances and special smiles
which all say so much about you.
Being unique is your gift and you deserve to enjoy it. Cliff’s insightful
photography in Sydney NSW allows you to celebrate who you are, in
beautiful images that you'll enjoy for a lifetime.

Model Portfolio Shoot       -   $ 80   in Studio  with edit ( Disk only )

Model Portfolio Shoot       -   $110    On Location with edit   ( Disk only )

Family Portrait Shoot        -   $ 80   in Studio with edit  ( Disk only )

Family Portrait Shoot        -   $110    On Location  with edit  ( Sydney Area )

Product shoot                   -    $ 80   in Studio with edit ( Disk only )  

Weddings                          -   $ 400 On Location with edit 
                                               ( Disk only ) two photographers

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